For businesses

As a business, you can improve the impact of your communication by using video to tell your story, whether it is a product video, an employer branding movie or a message from the CEO. Learn more on how to use video as a strong communication tool for your company.

For brands

As a brand, you want to be top of mind with your customers and let them know what you stand for. This can be done using a commercial, a fun viral, a powerful animation or whatever concept you can think of. Let’s find out how we can work together to boost your brand.

For broadcasters

As a broadcaster, whether you are a tv station or an online channel, you want strong content to keep your viewers happy and gain strong viewing numbers for your advertisers and stakeholders. Have a look at our programs and get in touch with us to create a great show together.

What we do

Red Pepper Media creates audiovisual productions for businesses, brands and broadcasters. Our clients count on us for corporate movies, web videos, e-learning videos, messages from their CEO, animated explainer movies, virals, commercials, tv shows, ... Powered by a highly experienced team of producers, script writers, directors, cameramen, editors and graphic designers, we create strong concepts, travel around the world to shoot the best images and edit them in our state-of-the-art editing rooms.

Our goal: helping our clients to increase the impact of their message by telling their story through video.

Our offer

Okay, we know there are a lot of production companies out there. Most of them are small one man operations. A long time ago, we used to be one of them. But we wanted to improve our service and be able to help our customers all the time. So we grew. We have a real office, with great people, inhouse recording- and editing facilities, a wonderful coffee machine to get things going in the morning and a vintage pinball machine to play on when we feel like.

Why should you consider Red Pepper Media?

  • Highly experienced team of professionals
  • Available for big and small projects
  • Excellent price/quality ratio
  • Always available, 24/7
  • Worldwide network

And last but not least, we love our customers!